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i11 TWS Earbuds


1.Better sound quality 

2.Stable connection 

3.Upgraded texture

4.Pink Tender Macarons :

5.Fine frosted shell :

6.Smart fingerprint touch




Touch buttons


1.Better sound quality 

2.Stable connection 

3.Upgraded texture

The connection is super fast without delay, and you are not afraid of the second difference when listening to music

The addictive girly color makes your daily life colorful

The original protective case can also be fitted so that you can have a dress up fun

4.Pink Tender Macarons :

Five colors of pink make life colorful

Just take out the headphones and make you become

The eye-catching focus of the crowd

5.Fine frosted shell :

Fine matte skin-friendly high-quality shell

Anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-sweat

Bring you a better feel than bare metal

6.Smart fingerprint touch

Fingerprint touch to get rid of the shackles of buttons

Easy operation with one touch

7.Call Voice Assistant 

Press and hold for three seconds to call the voice assistant

Available on Android and Apple


Adjusting the in-ear angle is more suitable for Asians

65-degree fit to the ear canal for a long time without fatigue

9.Pick and place magnetic design

The charging case is magnetically tight and will not fall out

There is also magnetic charging where the headphones are placed

Sensitive metal contact

Magnetic head metal contacts on the bottom of the dual earphones

Put the headset into the charging box

inPods 12 user instruction:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and press the box button to make the box light up blue.

2. Take out the headphones. At this time, the red and blue lights of the headphones are blinking.

3. If the two earphones are paired successfully, one earphone will blink.

4. Continue to wait for the headset to be paired with the mobile phone, and the window function will pop up if successful.

(Pop-up function is limited to iPhone only)

(This popup function will only be available when you first pair)




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